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About us


Created in 2016 by born and bred New Yorker, Ariella Grinberg, Ella’s Sidewalk is a one stop shop for... the fashionable and fitness obsessed modern gal. Having spent the majority of her life either working for luxury fashion brands or inside the walls of a gym; it became clear that nobody should ever have to choose between her two loves! So, why not do both?

Ella’s Sidewalk is an e-commerce based retail company that features a variety of designers from all over the world; blending everyday fashion with some of the most energetic athleisure one has laid eyes on. Whether hand-made active-wear in Laguna Beach, or hand-sourced cotton from Peru…Ella’s Sidewalk will have just what you need to fill your closet with your everyday necessities.

Become creative! Recognize the importance of detail and accessories. But let me make it easy for you. Create a wardrobe of fully transitional products. Gym clothes are no longer just boring black leggings. They are exciting, expressive and sexy and most importantly, they can be transitioned into your wardrobe outside of your hour barre class! Wear a dress to work and then vamp it up for weekend brunch! Ella’s Sidewalk offers beautiful styles with an exhilarating twist on conventional fashion.

It is my mission to make every woman feel good and look their best. Because at the end of everyday…when we look good, we feel good…and nobody can take that away from us!